Wednesday, 30 April 2014

If Derek did Star Wars

Derek Skywalker

Kev Solo

Princess Hannah

Dougie as the little bald wookie


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Derek season 2 started on Channel 4 in the UK on April 23rd 2014 and will be released on Netflix worldwide from May 30th 2014.


We recently ran a Derek Quiz and you all did very well.  A random winner has been chosen from all of you who scored 30 out of 30 and that winner is... @TheBenFormat 
who wins a DVD signed by Ricky Gervais. Well done Ben and thanks to all of you for taking part in the Derek Quiz.


What was the name of Dereks puppet in series 1? Poppy. 
What is Kevs girlfriends name? Janice. 
Who has been cast to play Kevs brother in series 2 of Derek? Joe Wilkinson. 
What is the name of the care home where Derek works? Broad Hill. 
What is the name of the caretaker in the care home? Dougie. 
What is Vickys favourite thing to read? Twitter. 
Which dictator is linked to a tadpole in series 1? Hitler. 
Who shat their pants in series 1? Kev. 
What did Derek buy at the jumble sale? The ornamental frog. 
What is Kevs favourite lager? Carlsberg Special brew
Who is the manager of the care home? Hannah. 
Who did Derek buy a lottery ticket for? Joan. 
What is Dereks surname (second name)? Noakes. 
In series 1, where does Derek live? In Dougies house. 
Who would get rid of his penis tommorrow? Dougie. 
What is the name of the Derek theme tune? Nuvole Bianche. 
Derek loves all animals... except what? Spiders. 
Why did Derek lick a toad? Because Kev convinced him to. 
Who did Vicky have a crush on in series 1 Deon. 
What is the name of Hannahs love interest? Tom. 
Hannah told Derek not to use the scales to weigh flour, why? Kev used the scales to weigh his Knob. 
How many ounces of 'pure blood sausage' does Kev claim his penis has? 8 ounces
Which character does Doc Brown play? Deon. 
What crime did Vicky receive community service for? For stealing shoes
What is the name of Marge's daughter? Shelley. (Mrs Fucking T)
Which 80s band did Kev write a play about? Duran Duran. 
What is Dereks dad's first name? Anthony. 
How did Derek come to fall in the pond in series 1? He is scared by seeing a spider. 
Which character in Derek is an avid autograph hunter? Kev. 
Who plays Vicky? Holli Dempsey.